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Schedule for March – May 2019:

March 2019  Type Who Where  What
5 Business Cremaillere Misc.
12 Business Bar du Commerce Misc.
19 Business Bar du Commerce Misc.
24 Manifestation Pierrevert Golf Golf
26 Business Cremaillere Misc.
31 Manifestation Greoux Cinema EET
April 2019   Who Where What
2 Business Cremaillere Misc.
9 Presentation John Woodgate Cremaillere Karmic relationships
16 Business Cremailler Misc.
23 Business Cremaillere Misc.
30 Presentation Caroline Hogge Creamaillere Kingdom of Sicily
May 2019   Who Where What
7 Presentation Hubert Dautremay Cremaillere  The Moon
14 Business Cremaillere  
21 Business Cremaillere
28 Social Cremaillere